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Feature Request FR-1894
Product Area Application Builder

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Add a declarative "Commit Upon Success" attribute to processes

anton nielsen Public
· Sep 2 2021

Idea Summary

In a Process “Execution Options” add “Commit Upon Success”.

When “On” this will commit this process (and any previous processes) when it completes. When “Off” the process will not commit until the end of all of the processes (or when a subsequent process is committed).

Use Case
This is particularly useful when a page has some fast running processes that happen early, followed by slower running processes that are not really part of the full transaction. Making this declarative helps as APEX makes headway as a low-code development tool.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
See image above. The APEX engine would issue a commit if after the process runs if the attribute is set to On.

This is a great idea! You can already achieve this in APEX today with a slightly different approach.