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Feature Request FR-1869
Product Area Application Builder

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Refresh region on PL/SQL Dynamic Content

e.yulianto Public
· Aug 29 2021

Usually, I use classic reports to make custom layouts. However, more often, it's not just enough. The capability to refresh the region on PL/SQL Dynamic Content would be a game-changer.

PL/SQL Dynamic Content on the main content and right-side bar:

This has been delivered in Oracle APEX 22.2!



  • ino.laurensse OP1.7 years ago

    And Form regions please.

  • fac586 OP1.5 years ago

    FR-620 has been republished. This would make it easier to realise custom layouts using classic report templates.

  • peter.raganitsch OP1.3 years ago

    Starting with APEX 19.2 you can use this free plug-in

    It IS a dynamic PL/SQL region, refreshable, and many more features.

    Plus there is also a refreshable Static content region with many cool features like client-side templating: