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Feature Request FR-1777

15 Voters

Make Oracle APEX available on MYSQL

lskalais Public
· Aug 20 2021

Idea Summary
Make Oracle APEX available on MYSQL community database user

Use Case
for open source user

Preferred Solution (Optional)
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We reviewed this idea carefully, and while it was interesting, we concluded that due to all the internal implications we need to take into account, it is not feasible in APEX.



  • doug gault OP 2.7 years ago

    The core engine of Oracle APEX is built using Oracle and PL/SQL. Therefore it requires an Oracle database in which to be installed and run.

    However there is nothing stopping you from using MySQL (or any other data source for that matter) as a main data source for your application. You can do this by exposing RESTful Services on top fo the target data source and using APEX's REST DATA SOURCES to access data via those RESTful services.

  • shravad OP 2.7 years ago

    Love the suggestion on any datsource access via RestAPIs

  • e.yulianto OP 2.7 years ago
  • jayson hanes Admin OP 2 years ago

    Sorry, under review again, this request was for making it so that APEX could RUN on MYSQL database - that is unlikely to happen. However, as Doug mentioned above, APEX can NOW as of APEX 22.1 query MYSQL data sources - both very different things.